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Agriverse 2100 is a U.S. nonprofit which will equip communities now with sustainable systems to capture carbon from air and ensure food security for generations to come.


Research Collaborative

The federally funded MSI STEM Research & Development Consortium (MSRDC) engages Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) to solve real-world problems of global importance. There are over 700 MSIs in the United States.  Consortium members include historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, tribal colleges and universities and other MSIs nationwide.

Agriverse 2100 is a Collaborating Partner of the Consortium, bringing  together global experts and MSIs for direct air carbon capture and year round agriculture in hot and harsh climates. Agriverse 2100 facilities and programs are planned for MSI’s and community colleges in both urban and rural areas to offer precision agriculture and carbon capture training.

Support for Communities, MSIs and Corporations

Agriverse 2100 serves residents of communities in need, both in inner-city food deserts and in desert regions with harsh and hot climates. We provide food and health security, cleaner air, and career opportunities. Our partnership with MSRDC’s minority serving institutions is just the beginning of the collaborative approach of Agriverse 2100.

In addition to philanthropic support, Agriverse 2100 intends to receive federal funding through the Section 45Q carbon capture tax credits, government contract awards with partner MSIs, corporate payments, IP royalties and from investment in for-profit companies to make equipment and products and to provide services.

Agriculture and Carbon Capture with Biochar

Agriverse 2100’s first agricultural program will focus on biochar. A brittle, charcoal-like form of carbon, biochar is made using pyrolysis, heating biomass such as wood and plant waste to high temperatures without oxygen. Biochar has many beneficial uses in agriculture and manufacturing. For farming, biochar is used to enhance soil qualities important to plant growth such as moisture storage, pH, and available phosphorus. Because biochar is effective adsorbing carbon oxides from air, it is used to make carbon capturing filters and building materials.

Capturing Airborne Carbon

The Agriverse 2100 – MSRDC collaborative will manage a system of direct air carbon capture devices powered by renewable solar, wind and geothermal energy in communities across the US. The captured carbon will be used for agricultural purposes, buried, or piped to subterranean reservoirs. Buried carbon will be locked out of the atmosphere for decades to come. Carbon piped to subterranean reservoirs will be held captive for centuries or even millenniums.

Farming the Unfarmable

Agriverse 2100 is answering the challenge posed by rising global temperatures, expanding seas, and shrinking farmable land. Agriverse 2100 is dedicated to increase production of accessible fresh foods worldwide with precision agricultural facilities located in deserts, urban environs, and other places once considered unfarmable. Our collaborative team of experts in precision agriculture, renewable energy, water, carbon capture and other technologies is making this possible.

Secure Solutions

Agriverse 2100 precision agricultural facilities and equipment will be designed for placement in hot dry desert lands, storm ravaged landscapes, brownfields, and crowded urban environments.

Powered by clean energy, Agriverse 2100 carbon capture equipment will remove carbon dioxide from air in communities and neighborhoods throughout the US and worldwide.

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